Advancing Computational Building Design 2019

Last week, I was one of the panelists at the “Advancing Computational Building Design 2019” conference in Chicago. Andy Watts, Pardis Mirmalek and Petr Mitev shared our views about “Preparing for the Future of AI & Machine Learning & Identifying Where in the Design Process It Can Be Implemented”.

About the panel discussion:

One of the questions on the panel was “How can machine learning and AI be integrated into practice”.
I think there are more than one ways of integrating AI and Adaptive Machine Learning in practice, from design to completion of construction. It’s a matter of developing a series of computational approaches that are innovative, productive and optimum. But, to create a knowledge based tool to automate means and methods, and adapt to organizational methods beyond the comfort levels of all users will not be easy. Attending the conference helped me a lot in understanding and gathering support for the case of computational design.
Thank you Randy Deustch for organizing and leading this effort!

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