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Meghana Joshi lives and works in CA.

Meghana’s affordable housing and senior living projects have been honored with multiple SAGE Gold, PCBC Gold Nugget, SoCal, Argentum, & NAHB awards. She received 2018 AIA California’s “Associate” award and “Presidential Citation”  as well as 2019 AIA Orange County’s “Service Award” honoring her commitment to the profession. At AIA Orange County, she is the Founder/ Chair of Women in Architecture Committee, and Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. Her professional contributions as a diverse architect were honored at “Say it Loud” exhibit at A’19 Conference on Architecture.

Under “Project Amplify” that she founded, she amplifies and celebrates voices and works of minority architects throughout the world with diverse projects on social media and traveling exhibits.

Furthering her passion for life/ safety in architecture, Meghana has co-invented an artificial intelligence powered smart fire safety device. She has spoken about “Enhancing life and safety through artificial intelligence” at AIA Conference on Architecture, AEC Next Conference, NOMA Conference as well as AIA Orange County.

For a detailed bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meghana

Instagram and Twitter : @meghanaira

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