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An Associate at WHA Inc, Meghana Joshi specializes in senior and affordable housing solutions. Her projects have been honored with multiple SAGE Gold, PCBC Gold Nugget, SoCal, Argentum, & NAHB awards. She received 2018 AIA California’s “Associate” award and “Presidential Citation” honoring her commitment to the profession. At AIA Orange County, she is the Founder/ Chair of Women in Architecture Committee, and Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. Under “Project Amplify” that she founded, she amplifies and celebrates voices and works of minority architects throughout the world with diverse projects. Furthering her passion for life/ safety in architecture, Meghana has invented an artificial intelligence powered smart device. She will speak at 2019 AECNext/ SPAR 3D Conference & A’19 Conference on “Enhancing Life & Safety through Artificial Intelligence”. Meghana’s professional contributions will be honored at “Say it Loud” exhibit at A’19 Conference.

For a detailed bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meghana

Instagram and Twitter : @meghanaira


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