Architalks 40: Words

Architalks #40 is all about “words”. What a perfect time for me to pen a “wordless” blog and see if they tell a thousand stories?









It was supposed to be a wordless blog, but it wouldn’t be fair to the professional photographer if I didn’t credit him for the last picture. Please visit to see the album.

This post is part of the ArchiTalks series originally spearheaded by Bob Borson of Life of an Architect. Historically, he has selected a theme and a group of us (architects who also blog) all post on the same day and promote each other’s posts. This year, the themes have been selected by a variety of contributors. This month’s theme was selected by Jeremiah Russell of the Rogue Architecture and is: “Words.” To read how others interpreted the theme, please explore the links below.

Jeff Echols – Architect of the Internet (@jeff_echols) – Does anyone hear your words?

Lora Teagarden – L² Design, LLC (@L2DesignLLC): Visual Words

Eric T. Faulkner – Rock Talk (@wishingrockhome): Words are Simple — Too Simple

Michele Grace Hottel – Michele Grace Hottel, Architect (@mghottel): “words”

Meghana Joshi – IRA Consultants, LLC (@MeghanaIRA): Architalks 40: Words

Brian Paletz – The Emerging Architect (@bpaletz): A pictures worth

Drew Paul Bell – Drew Paul Bell (@DrewPaulBell): Mindset for Endless Motivation and Discipline #Architalks

Jeffrey Pelletier – Board & Vellum (@boardandvellum): Use Your Words (Even When You Can’t)

Jim Mehaffey – Yeoman Architect (@jamesmehaffey): Words Are Important

Mark Stephens – Mark Stephens Architects (@architectmark): Words

Leah Alissa Bayer – The Stoytelling LAB (@leahalissa): Architects Are Storytellers



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